Time To Wake

time to wake your conscience
long subdued by arrogance
no better guide
will you find
neither in preacher
nor any scripture

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The God Particle

Out of curiosity
I analysed God
Particle by particle
And I realised
The Lowest

As it was
In you
In them

In me I had
The potential to be
He who I purportedly
And I could be
The one who slays
In His name
And I had
The freedom
To choose

And for the particle
I possess
I could express
Or discontent
For the particles
They have

And the particle
I was born with
But well before
May not be the same
As the particle
I will die with
And well after

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Not Within, Nor Without

Don’t ask me if I love you
Ask if I still love you
Don’t ask if I still love you
Ask if I will ever stop

Don’t ask me when I loved you
Ask me when I didn’t
Don’t ask me when I didn’t love you
Ask me if there will exist such a time

Don’t ask me why I love you
Ask yourself why not
Don’t ask reasons why I should not love you
Ask why a shadow seeks darkness
When only in light it exists
Why the eight note was never needed
Though music be infinite
Why lines of fate are frivolous
But imagine the palms bare
Ask yourself why the poet cannot live
With words trapped within
Yet cannot live without

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Another Man’s Grave

Standing in another man’s grave
Praying to another man’s God
Peace for another lifetime
And another sun sets forever

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A Poetic Pause

In this post, I will take a poetic pause. None of my poetry, but poetry nevertheless.. something a little different. I was reading this story and came across a beautiful video. Although I love music, I have not yet shared any of it here. This is a superb rendition of Amar Shonar Bangla ~ written and composed by Rabindranath Tagore. Its first ten lines were adopted as the national anthem of Bangladesh. I will not say more, except you really do not have to understand art to appreciate it. Now let the song speak for itself.


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Beyond Skies

unable to reach skies beyond skies
crows in flight did admit
the domain of the mighty eagle
remains unconquerable
by the feeble

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The Look of Love

Love looks like yesterday
The skipping rope was thrown away
As recess ended in school
And Travolta’s eyes were so blue
Those boys in flared trousers
Like knights in shining armours
When in discos we actually went to dance
And books made us believe in romance
You looked pretty enough in your own skin
Not yet pressured to become thin
When flirting was with our eyes
Not through a screen that hid lies
No drinks or smokes to have fun
Nor fancy gadgets to impress anyone
Words of the Bee Gees would once suffice
With pocket money we had to improvise
Yes today relationships easily fade away
And love …
Well love looks like yesterday

Yesterday I believed in love…
…Today love believes in me :-)

Dungeon Prompts Week 12 – What Does Love Look Like?

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Your Burden of Ego

and when you go into prostration ~ it is not to elevate god ~
but to lay your burden of ego to rest ~ pity you return it soon as you rise

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Death Wish

dressed in royal robes
she lay on her couch
faithful asp
fulfills her death wish
dignity intact
rest in peace
queen of the nile

I was fascinated by the life of Cleopatra when I read her biography. This verse, I dedicate to her memory.

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The Last Option

the last option 
to attain perfection 
in the completion 
of man’s creation 
after much contemplation 
He decided on evolution

and from this higher position
watches for His recreation
as man debates in utter confusion

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