when you are no one

think beyond your beliefs
rise above your identity

when you are no one
then you will reach everyone

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her veil

she asks for her veil if only to mourn freely
if only to hide tears
if only to display courage
if only to bury her sorrow
she asks for her veil if only as a shroud…

The Battle of Karbala was waged against Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammed, by the despotic ruler and tyrant Yazeed. Hussain and his band of 72 faced bravely an army of 30,000+ They were denied water and the fairness of a one-to-one combat. Furthemore, the ladies of Hussain’s camp had their veils snatched away. They were not even given the opportunity to cover the corpses of their family members

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gentle lies

I never found truth
to be gentle
lies, on the other hand
are pleasing because
they only tell us
what we want to hear


Yesterday’s prompt was “gentle lies”
At times I take the liberty to twist or stretch the meaning somewhat
Helps to expand my thinking
Bending the rules slightly ;-)

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a wordless world

in a wordless world
a poet is prince
just as the painter
rules over a drab domain
or an empathetic soul
in the cruel cosmos

but imagine for a moment
if this world had no words
none to describe the beauty
nor to poison our minds

if prayers were through deeds
if leaders governed with action
if teachers taught from nature
if parents raised by instinct

and if animals had our words
what would they say?
would they discriminate and hate
or perhaps be higher evolved
in love and compassion

and like your dream
that you struggle to remember
and feel but could never describe
think about a wordless world
and  just…

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breaking me

experiences, breaking me
into opinions, limiting me
to preconceptions, binding me
with misjudgments, if only
i could reboot

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time in a bottle

even time in a bottle
seeps away silently
it was never yours
to begin with
it will never be yours
except for the present moment

and like the genie in a lamp
you can have three wishes
for the time that is in your name
but you can never, ever
return it to the lamp
nor ask for one more wish

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Sweet Water

and so He hid sweet water
deeper than the sea
a reservoir preserved
carefully for His creation
… have we even given thanks?

I wrote this one a few months ago when I read about the discovery of fresh water reservoirs under ocean floors. His Mercy knows no limit. Pity about our short term gratitude and appreciation.

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Return to Yesterday

I would return to yesterday
If today ever ended
If tomorrow never came
If I could predict my past
If I could escape eternity

If time was my slave
And I were the mistress
I would bid it “stop!”
Any time you are my guest

If I could visit those days
When you got to know me
And I discovered you
I would hold the hands of the clock
Resisting their natural movement

If I knew then
What I know now
I would have loved less
Or perhaps
I would have loved even more
Recognizing our rare rapture

I know our infinite lives
Shall again entwine
Like the roots of ancient trees
Strangling for survival

If I return to yesterday
Will I still find you there?

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Beyond Wisdom

there beyond wisdom
the sun sets
on dreams
because someone
proclaimed them

what if…?

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the pedestal cracks

I have not written about the place of a woman in society before. Simply because I never knew what to say. Then I came across an article which had some stunning photos, and I found the words….these words…

woman created as
a symbol of fertility
an inspiration for architecture
a cradle for divinity
a source of poetry
and a mother’s blessing
at her feet lies
your paradise *
a sister’s tenderness
with a fragile thread
a bond declared **
a daughter’s adoration
a lover’s seduction
and a wife’s devotion
from pheras to the pyre ***

but she is turned into
a goddess or an unwanted
burden to hurriedly marry off
a pariah blamed for
the death of her consort
an untouchable
a caste of her own

and the pedestal cracks…

Here are some of the photos, more to be found in the article
Photographer Shoots Her Friend As Goddess Durga To Highlight The Curse Of Gender Bias In India








* Islamic tradition is Prophet Muhammad said that paradise lies at your mother’s feet.
** Hindu tradition where a sister ties a rakhi on the wrist of her brother for protection and blessings.
*** Pheras are the vows in a Hindu marriage recited whilst going round the sacred fire.

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