the foremost

at the birth of religion
the foremost followers
were not preachers
but revolutionaries

~ Ali, the foremost ~

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the knower of secrets

and the veil fiercely guards secrets
refusing even the light to reveal
unless it recognises
the name of her master

~ Ali, the knower of secrets ~

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hues of red

hues of red
in a common thread
vermillion through blood
to rose petals scattered
over the white shroud
but she stands proud
a sacrifice so bold
she would repeat double-fold

~ may the offerings of the oppressed be accepted ~

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frozen tears

frozen tears
like crystal drops
on bloodied rivers
calls of injustice

and the world watches…

…in wonder
at the dignity of a nation
as He bides His time
in answering our prayers
humanity must evolve
it’s now or never

~ Gaza ~

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randomly new

forbidding thoughts that are new
harvests of regurgitated concepts
progressing on a treadmill
ultimate destination…

old stars burn out
slowly sacrificing their cores
so that new stars are born
giving you a chance
to alter your destiny

new promises to break
new dreams to shatter
new smiles to fake
new lies to mutter
old values at stake
dignity no longer matters

over time
new meanings
between layers
of ancient verses
in substantial scriptures
…. god must be a poet

this “poem” is actually made up of 4 separate and unrelated micropoems. Created from prompts using phrases containing the word “new” over 4 consecutive days. I usually stay away from similar prompts too close to each other, because I am afraid that I will end up only re-wording the same theme and see the limitations of my creativity. I am happy that I pushed myself to try out these prompts and proud of an invisible, though unintended, flow through them. Incidentally, the 4 prompts by #orjay were…
~ new harvests
~ new stars
~ new promises
~ new meanings

co-incidence? or conspiracy

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the last poets

the last poets have come and gone
but their words remain
in every language
embedded in melody
seekers of change

~ dedicated to those who use their art to make this world a better place ~

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Mumbled Words

Mumbled words of prayer
Faculties devoid of reasoning
Closed hearts, numb souls

Mumbled words of prayer
Left hand steals
As your right slaughters

Mumbled words of prayer
The same tongue spreads hate
Brother against brother

Mumbled words of prayer
Though one eye is open
Suspicious of neighbourly intentions

Mumbled words of prayer
Counted on rosaries of incitement
Mindless recitations

Mumbled words of prayer
All that changes
Only remains the same

Mumbled words of prayer
Leading the flock to futile worship
Barren seeds of hope

Mumbled words of prayer
A mockery of God
and His beneficence to mankind

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the helper

in the hidden of the hiddens
there you will find him
in his full reality
denied by all
but a few
yet he helps all
if only they would ask

~ Ali, the helper of all ~

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ever after

If ever after is not enough
I will hold time from reaching its final day
when memories disintegrate
and death holds her breath

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A Child’s Prayer

This is a poem written by Allama Muhammad Iqbal ~ a child’s prayer very famous in Pakistan. How I wish we could spread this message to all our children.

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