Disequilibrium – The Price of Civilization

I am re-posting my poem Disequilibrium as a response to Dungeon Prompt the price of civilization 


Straightened back, learnt to walk on two
Reached for the highest fruit
Tamed fire, sharpened your mind
Instinct on mute

Trekked over lands, navigated waters
Cruised through the air
There would have been plenty, all to live in affinity
Paradise to share

What happened
Do you recall?

Necessities are scarce, frivolities up for grab
More is never enough
False sympathy for that scrawny child
Suckling out of habit
Gather for a noble cause, exchange a morsel of words
Life carries on

Corrupting the wealth of your mother
Looking to abandon her for another

You presume the silence of nature to be subjugation
Have you never witnessed a woman scorned?

Where will you go?
Her blueprint touches all creation
Disequilibrium interpreted as wrath
As you tremble on your knees

Find your harmony within
Light exists as a medley of colors
Seek wisdom from the sacred
Recollect ideas once shrugged off
Respect the natural struggle
One thread strings us all

Use with gratitude the blessings breathed on you
Every pace onward, look behind
What have you stepped on?
Always a consequence

Rewind thoughts
Restore balance
Revive life
Let the revolution begin with yourself

This poem was initially written upon request
A dedication to mother nature
If we cannot get it right on earth, what do we hope to achieve differently elsewhere?

“Her blueprint touches all creation”
How easy it is to forget that there is
“Always a consequence”
Each one of us is accountable
“Let the revolution begin with yourself”

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About Sonya Kassam

Expressing myself through poetry
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9 Responses to Disequilibrium – The Price of Civilization

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  2. Robert says:


    Thank you for this. It is powerful in you paint so vividly the imbalance brought about by disrespectful traipsing.

    Disequilibrium interpreted as wrath…my native friends here see things precisely this way. And they also concur that she will shake us off her shoulders, as time is on her side.

    All good wishes,


  3. Fantastic poem. “One thread strings us all,” if only we could realize that truth.

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  5. ranu802 says:

    Wonderful Sonya I love your poem.Thanks for posting it again.

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