insecure leaders

nothing quite as lethal
nothing as contaminating
as leaders
who are insecure
about their leadership

placed in a position of power
they spew out fear
as an exaggerated means of control

like a depraved shepherd
promising protection
whilst leading the herd
to the slaughterhouse
behind luscious grass
well fed, tender meat

reclaim your identity
secure your thoughts
from their incessant rants
empty pots, most noise

self responsibility
this is the stuff
revolutions are made of

if you had no fear
would these leaders exist?

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the point that turned

and when i reached that point
i found no courage to change
and that point reappeared
again, and once again
seemed easier to stay put
but then life had its own plans
graciously, tenderly it diverted
a mild deflection
and i was unaware
did i evolve just a little
but i had done nothing
or, had I?

the world took a turn

on my behalf
looking back
the unfamiliar
did become familiar
like the
absurd lightness of imagination

as hazy as the
inane frivolity of emotion

i never realised it
all i know now is
i will never return
did i turn at that point
or did the point turn me?

My response to Dungeon Prompts The Turning Point, a very challenging prompt for me to express. I may, or probably may not have managed to get my message across.

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Tempt Me

If she had declared
“Tempt me not, Serpent!”
Would we have destroyed paradise
The way we are depleting earth?

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turn back

it’s only because you never turn back
that you believe you are all alone

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safer faith

just when you thought
your quest was safer
faith came in the way
limiting questions
restricting thoughts
answers, answers everywhere

just about everyone
seems to have an answer
for just about everything
what is wrong in saying
“i don’t know”

Inspiration: Sadhguru

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years of tears
moments of resentment
cannot invade a space
long disregarded by time…
not when you have moved on

years of fear
moments of despair
space within
breaks the rhythm 
but the time flows

and it flows to another victim
who is ignorant of time’s laws
precise though subtle
conqueress of memories
womb of hope


This post is the result of a fine interaction on Twitter between myself and Ahmad Javed.

I thank him for this wonderful inspiration

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was happy
then I wanted more

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i may be a microcosm, and
i may exist in infinity, but
what can i claim for myself?
a lot of what happens to me
is being done to me
if only i could be receptive
if only i could leave behind
the tiniest footprint
of appreciation

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Seeds of Revolution

Head held high
an illustrious goodbye
noose tightens
he smiles
knowing he sowed
the seeds of revolution
Will you water them?

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Waning Willpower

Just once…

trying out something new, a story in six words

~all good wishes for a strong willpower to everyone observing the month of Ramadhan~

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