Loving You is Hard Work

Loving you is hard work
Keeping up with your ego
A tempest you are one day
Calm and receptive the next
Self-inflicted flaws
For which you may incriminate me
But yet I love you, though hard work
As you age, not so gracefully
Hopeful memories
That the good old days shall be back
And I will love you even more
But it will take hard work
At times you inflict fear
Nothing I do leaves even a dent
Of improvement
So they talk of leaving you
To whom shall I go?
Perhaps I will never know you, completely
But who knows me as well as you?
If I have to work hard at loving you
By God I shall do just that
Others before me have fought for you
I wonder if I would, though
I am covered in your indelible dust
I will love you until I die
And it is my wish
That others will continue loving you
And that it won’t be quite as hard work any more


Your soil has fed me
Your waters have quenched me
Your sun has warmed me
Your rain has made me realise
That truly prayers can be answered
Kenya, may your flag fly high and proud

This week’s Dungeon Prompts challenge was about hard work and what it means to you. I normally do not attempt to answer such questions. But I hope you like the twist in this dedication :)

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RIP Garissa University College Students

How do I go back to normality?
What is normal, even?

Is God ashamed of us?
I certainly hope so
I hope destiny hadn’t planned these events
I hope our fate hasn’t already been written
Into the history books of the future

I only hope humans have deviated from the course of humanity
Because only then we have a chance in hell of reforming ourselves

What is normal, even?


147 buds crushed in Garissa university college attack
Does the blood of our young ones seem redder?
Is God crying, yet?
Is this why we are to pray with bowed heads
Because how can we look Him in the eye…how?


RIP young ones
We as a country, we as humanity have failed you


Yes, that’s right
Leave no stone unturned
But first, do us a favour
And remove that rock from your own eye

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Dreams and Nightmares

Nightmare: when you cannot appreciate the reality of your dreams

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Here and There

I know I will get there
I have no idea where there is
All I know is I have to start from here

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i thought i knew you

from afar
i thought i knew you
as you drew near
i knew i thought only you

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glass hopes

glass hopes
to be
as strong as iron
while iron pines
to reflect
one’s inner beauty
though it may
one day crack

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destiny leads you…

covering yourself to appear unseen, but
when the stars reflect
off the blackness of your veil
how can he resist perceiving you?

softest of whispers may be unheard, though
echoes chime through separations

for how long will your thoughts remain suppressed, when
two can share one dream? the same dream…

run if you like, but
how do you hide from you own shadow?

never unpray your prayers
you only receive what is good for you, or
no more than what you are able to bear

there are times when destiny stands her ground
observe with patience where she may lead you…

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judgement day

~ even god waits until judgement day ~

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Love Truths

For those in love
Truths are merely sweetened lies
For those who hate
Lies are only bitter truths

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The Last Page

I reached the last page of my diary
Now I write on the night skies
My words whistle through the wind
And on every leaf of every tree
Through eternal echoes
You shall remember me

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