a touch of doubt

always place a touch of doubt
hiding behind faith
if there is an answer for everything
from where shall questions come?

know that it is quite in order
to know less, or even
to know nothing
rather than know too much

knowledge is a power
with immense responsibility
which is perhaps why it is said
ignorance is bliss

certitude hardens society
knowledge clutters minds
wisdom clears your heart
observation soothes the soul

if indeed god is everywhere
how can there be only one path to reach him?


Ilm-oun bas kareen o yaar
Ik Alif teray darkaar

Stop seeking all this knowledge my friend
Only an Alif* is what you need

~ Baba Bulleh Shah

*Alif is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet


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When I was in boarding school, I used to visit a really delightful little chapel. Though I do not believe I really appreciated the experience of going to a place of worship at that time. Non-Christians had a Prayer Room, but I opted to go to the chapel. I was about 12 and sitting on benches instead of the floor, actually walking in with your shoes on was quite a novelty. I must admit I did get rather fidgety when we had to kneel. But the best part of all were the hymns.

In all these years after school, I haven’t been to church much. About a year ago, I went to a Memorial and Celebration of life for a brave young lady Sapna Shah who was a member at CITAM Church Parklands Nairobi. It was a beautiful afternoon and such a wonderful way to remember her.

There I heard the voice of an angel, Shanti. I have no idea how my hand was steady while filming as I know I was trembling. Thanks to Shanti for giving me her kind permission to share this video here:

The song Yeshua is an invocation asking Jesus “to fill my mind and heart, may my face shine with your light, may your fragrance be upon my words, my life be for your praise.” Beautiful, touching song and a golden voice, I am sure you will agree.

Is heaven a place
Or is it a sensation?
Is heaven at a distance
Or so close you can hear it?

My response to Dungeon Prompts Take Me to Church

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feel the earth

if you could feel the earth rotate
would you be less arrogant
would you be reminded
that you are indeed a recipient
of her hospitality…

…that truly there is nowhere to go
planets are distant cousins
looking after their own
the burning stars are cold
none to welcome you…

…the milky way is far
from good
though good from far…

…even the oceans
hide water from you
so that one day
you may know its value…

…the shade of a tree
spans generations
its seed is in your fist…

…when will you realise
the paradise you seek
is right at your feet
if you will work for it…

you can hide
but you cannot run

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seek to hide

Staring back at me
Was a vivid reflection
Of what I seek to hide
I should have never tried
Ever to read your mind

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close to heaven

when i got close to heaven
it appeared unfamiliar
what is this place
where i know no one
and no one knows me
for eternity

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just one request

not an ardent advocate of prayer
for the purpose of asking, as
i bear flimsy conviction
in discerning
my best interests, 
that one consistent request

for a long time now, seems
 like all i ever wanted
was that one request

i explained so very gently
to ensure He comprehends
at times i demanded
like it was my birthright, even
made threats to deny Him
then i humbled myself
like a beggar, and
when that failed

i turned cheeky
to amuse Him
or i wrote words
to elevate Him
(did i imagine He needed my help?)
and played music, sang
to thaw the icy silence

but each time
and every time
and it has been months
of nothing
yes, nothing

i had heard that
those who raised

their hands up in dua
shall never be spurned
so each time
and every time
certain for an answer
i kept searching

i was sure
He would fulfill
my one request
an ounce
or two
patience, my one request

when eventually
i had to concede, that

if i could wait for it
i never even needed
to ask for patience
in the very first place

i’m sure God is having a chuckle, indeed
it was my honor to have humored Him
clearly He needs respite
from His own creation


My response to this week’s Dungeon Prompts Making God Laugh

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footmarks over time

if you draw the line
someday it shall be crossed
footmarks over time
recognise no boundaries
someday we shall erase borders

(I am not so fond of borders, as you will see in my poem many borders)

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unanswered prayer

and here I am
your unanswered prayer
if only you would
rise from your prostration

pray with one eye open
for how will you know
He has responded?
or do you become blind
and fail to recognise a gift?

His bounties are all around you
but you keep asking
yet more
and then some more

each prayer
with good intention
is answered
in its own time
through its own way

you don’t even need to ask
isn’t the All-Knowing
one of His names?

(yet another old poem I had not yet posted)

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An Empty Thought

An empty thought
A blank picture
Seem to be going nowhere
Let them lead you
Who knows
You might create some magic

(another old poem I found)

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blurred expectations

’tis better to have blurred expectations
than those blind to the truth
perform always your best
regardless of the fruit

(some of my old poetry I came across)

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