half way

yes, we met half way
but only for a moment
like intersecting thoughts
in parallel minds

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own gods

we create our own gods
…and no, that isn’t thunder
it is the sound of laughter

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searching for silence

in this world filled with noise
i am searching for silence
where is it?
oh wait..
i see it..
right up there
next to injustice

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hide and seek

the crescent, so slender
so delicate, so coy
plays hide and seek
impishly aware
they all await her
just a glimpse…

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More Than Words

I’d rather be the rhythm than the lyrics
I’d rather be the paper than the ink
I’d rather be the ears than the tongue
I’d rather be the photo than the caption

Recognise me through my deeds
Rather than my vows
Identify me with my smile
Not my prayer
May my utterances
Be overpowered by my expressions
Pay little attention to my language
For all the poetry I have penned
And will ever write
I want to be more than my words
More than words…

I’d Rather Be…
Thank you Sreejit! Superb inspiration)

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trapped in paradise

trapped in paradise
eternal solitary confinement
where are those promised houris
was something lost in translation?

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How you siege light
shatter darkness
Have you never before
experienced the stealth of a sunrise?

Dewdrops deliquesce, drool
off lazy leaves
stretching at sunrise
melting moments of the morning

Each day the sun rises 
permitting you to measure time
what you call God’s mercy
is little more than
nature’s precision
and its self-sufficiency

So whether you frown
complain, or smile
the sun is going to rise
heedless of your whims

Why not be grateful
that you woke with the sun
yesterday went to sleep
tomorrow is yet to wake
be with what you have

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unseen faces
unheard voices
unthought ideas
unlived memories
when all is unknown to me
i will begin to know

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a mound of earth

i am simply a speck of dust
but observe for a minute
i am made with patterns
symmetry of body
regularity of breath
a doodled mind
a distinct design
in the architecture of creation
evolving with erratic errors
through which i drift towards
the peaks of my patterns

vales turn into victories
a composition of creation i am
yet apparently autonomous
recognising that one day
i shall blend into
the sublime structure
for i am no more
than a mound of earth
a patterned mound of earth


each Dungeon Prompt is becoming more challenging, yet even more fulfilling
I am particular proud of this response, set out with a completely blank mind
ended up with a pattern of a poem :)


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innocent eyes

innocent eyes belie
latent mischievous intent
windows of the soul
stained by the instinct to survive


if only we could transcend our own need to survive
recognise that others too, need to survive
perhaps we could all survive together
perhaps we could take each other beyond
the mediocrity of survival

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