leave heaven

i will leave heaven in an instant
just to hear you recite poetry for me

i will leave heaven in an instant
for the scent of an incense stick in my memory

i will leave heaven in an instant
if the borders were erased
and we could meet
beyond their barbed wires
on a land that belongs to no man
without forbidding cold stares
traditions that denied us
yet we existed,
for a while

i will leave heaven in an instant
if only you asked me to
you don’t even remember my name

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bits and pieces

it’s the bits and pieces that make us whole
moments make an eternity
breath by breath we live a lifetime
lie after lie we start believing

nothing is ever inconsequential
so watch your thoughts

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going off on a tangent

you were the tangent
to the circle of my life
why did you not let me fly off with you?
left me drifting within meaningless revolutions
rotating endlessly on a crippled axis
where the winter of imagination is permanent
seeds of concepts wither away unsprouted
and the pages of my book…


if my source of inspiration ever abandoned me…

my 300th post!


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complete wholeness

the complete wholeness of a circle
is seen when
you are unable to distinguish
the beginning from the end…
you do not die in death

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comfort zone

live your life such that
each comfort zone you slip into
should be a place of
recuperation, reflection
before you move
to the next

your comfort zone should not be too…
after a while it should in fact
agitate you

to climb higher
to change direction
to recharge your inspiration
a revolutionary thinking
an isolation
you do want to be unique

live your life such that
each comfort zone
should be a grateful memory
as you look forward
to your next

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Yet Another Secret

I wrote about The Best Kept Secret before, but here is another secret…
Shhh! Don’t tell anyone about it…

the best kept secret
lies on the tip of your tongue
for if it slips out
distorted it will return
will you recognise your own words?

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Once Upon a Time

Bound by blood
Detached by doctrine
Once upon a time
There used to be one god

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hard to hear

always hard to hear is the word “sorry”
how arduous to speak it
yet so powerful that
it can even turn back time

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Freedom Means…

freedom means
the liberty to question
without enslavement of answers

freedom means
breaking of bondage from belief
it is praying with palms joined
and praying with open palms

freedom means everything
freedom means nothing
and being happy with it

freedom is in music
freedom is silence

freedom means leadership
without any followers

freedom means repose
without any sleep

freedom means temple bells
freedom means the call to prayer

freedom means never having to come back
freedom means never needing to leave

freedom means smiling even when no one is looking
freedom means crying when everyone is watching

freedom also means
never having to explain
what freedom means to me


Inspired by the question “What does freedom mean to you?” asked by my friend @That_Ammar on Twitter. Thanks Ammar!

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The Breaking Point

when i reach the point that would break me
let me instead sway like the bamboo
so that i don’t snap

bow like the willow tree
if only for that which seeks to crush
shall veritably miss me

creep around like the jasmine vine
distracting the assailant
with honeyed fragrance

all i wish for is to respond
rather than react
to be accepting
and not adamant

where the point that would break me
shall have second thoughts
and will in fact make me


The Breaking Point

The second verse was inspired by this quote:
If you hear words that hurt you
then bow yourself before them
and they will miss you
~Imam Ali

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