remnants of identity

trapped within a name
remnants of identity
like a veil, torn but
precariously screening me
like the partition
between two lands

like two eyes that synchronize
but can never meet past
the delicate bridge of the nose
a delicious longing
a secret passage..
the third eye


from where this poem started off
to where it ended up is a mystery to me

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The Importance of Being Nothing

I need you, but only
So you can break me, tenderly
Into tiny particles, crush
Me into the finest powder, whiffed
Away by your precious breath, such
That eventually, in an instant
I become nothing, because
Nothing is of more importance than you

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of exceptions and consequences

every exception had a rule
every consequence had an action
and the consequence of the exception
is the change that we experience


be the exception
be the change 

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Suspended Dreams

realities with the ability to fly
are called suspended dreams
and when they are untethered
skies shall be lit by magical mirages

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broken, slightly

the life between two breaths
the breath between two thoughts
the thought between two promises
the promise between two hearts
the heart…
a slightly broken heart

The poems I am particularly pleased with are those where I have used two outwardly unconnected concepts and merged them. This poem was inspired by the meditation course I attended over the weekend and the song in this video (thanks to Ranu of Sabethville for sharing it with me). It is about a broken heart. I couldn’t find a translation.

Another poem where I have made such a connection is Unveiling,
which happens to be my favorite poem :)

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An Effortless Poem

aren’t we all simply~
sleeping for dreaming~
for waking for living~
for moment for lifetimes~
forever dying?

We all certainly are forever dying
Many die well before death
Few do not die even in death

We don’t always dream when we are sleeping
Just as we do not always live when we are awake….

“A poor life this is if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.”

“And one day when life has passed us by
Will we then have time to ask why?”

Hopefully not all of us are in that mold
Awareness is all that is needed to stop the rot

Well, isn’t that a lovely poem? And guess what, it was completely effortless. I just happened to read one of my old posts and going through the comments and replies, I saw such a beautiful flow. And all I did was transfer it all here. Check out the original post Forever Dying

Lots of love and thanks to everyone of you who left such precious comments and helped compose An Effortless Poem :)

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lovers and haters

don’t judge love by the lovers
nor determine hate from the haters
fervor is fickle, flighty
few pass tests of integrity

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Impressions of God

Remnants of the old temple
Long ago I frequented
Now dilapidated
A dignified ruin

Decrepit, faded flag
Bravely yet barely flapping
Jilted by the pigeons
Echoes of fluttering, cooing
In the haunting halls
Even the gods are forlorn
Their pleas drowned
By the smoke and honking
Hawkers’ hoarse persuasions
Baskets filled with rotting fruit
Where once it was lovingly served
With slivered almonds
We expectantly lined up
For a dollop of sooji halwa
Our lips shining with ghee
Satisfied glimmer in our eyes
Competing to be carried upon shoulders
To reach up and clumsily clang the bell
Running out with a waft of incense
Chunks of coconut in our fists

Dropping a coin in the beggar woman’s corner
And those were our impressions of God

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We will all die


I decided to do something different (and perhaps unexpected)
because Snoopy expresses it way better than I could through poetry.

Death is compulsory
Living is optional
Enjoy this day
Enjoy the next
Enjoy living


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high noon

shadows smirk
as you seek them
while they hide
in the moment
of high noon

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