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Recently I completed a personal development and leadership program. This has had a tremendous effect on the way I think, as well as on my creativity. I feel a very subtle yet clear shift in my thoughts.

The personal development program has helped me look at life in a different way. I was surprised (pleasantly!) that the program has a spiritual feel to it. In addition it has had a positive effect on my relationships and provided me with the opportunity to create time as well as financial freedom. I have learnt (and continue to learn) new skills and am so looking forward to my fresh adventure in life.

I needed to work different, but to do that I needed to think different.

This micropoem was inspired by the personal development program.

I have started an additional blog where I will be writing about my personal development as well as how it has helped me enter a new profession. I would be so happy to see familiar faces and look forward to making new friends. There will be poetry for sure! It is my space to experiment at different levels.

Reality isn’t really that real you know.

Living with awareness is such a beautiful and tingling experience, try it!

Prosper with Passion

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Celebrating Courage


It is true
Dreams are not for the weak
You need courage to imagine
Persistence to hope
Self-respect to keep walking 
Dreams are fragile


Today I have the pleasure to celebrate courage. The courage of my dear friend Kanwal who has shown a whole lot of us how to tackle life when it deals us an unexpected blow. While befriending cancer she has shown hope, she is persistent, dignified and has the guts to dream even though they may be fragile. I also know that it is difficult to go through trials on our own and it would be an injustice if I didn’t mention the almost unbelievable patience, love and support her husband has given her.

All my love for great health and happiness ….

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Rest in Music


Today is our music teacher’s birthday
He is celebrating with the Ultimate Musician

We had much to do together
He is deeply missed

May he rest in music

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truths for sale

truths for sale
in the market place
to the highest bidder

each truth tailor made
to specific needs
designed to deceive

leadership truths
guaranteed to convert
accusations into victimisation

religious truths
riddled with repetetive rituals, and
concealed between poetic scriptures

romantic truths, ah our speciality
the sweetest of truths, the simplest too
tell them only what they want to hear

truths for sale…

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Silent Words

Silent words carry potent curses
Unheard but spoken
Unconstrained by language
Unreleased anger
Incomplete goodbyes

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Eid Mubarak

dare not blink
lest I miss
the most flirtatious
of all crescents
reflecting silver strands
on my hennaed palms


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Broken Rhythm

Broken rhythm
From obstructed echoes
A distorted message received
Unknowingly, with blind faith
I swore to uphold it as the truth

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Die Each Day

We shall all be dead, we know that don’t we? And yet we resist, we fear. I fear to die, yes. I have no idea what is beyond my death. And perhaps…actually for sure and to be absolutely honest, I don’t really want to know what lies beyond. So many answers, if you ask around everyone has an answer, usually a different one. Answers fry my brain. I mean I’m having a hard enough time dealing with living, let me handle one predicament at a time. I wonder if I had at one time ever questioned myself “What will happen after I’m born?” Hmmm…?

So am I afraid to die? Yes I already said so. But why should I be, when I am dying every day. Every moment is a death of that life I was allotted. I should be more afraid.…to live!

You know, just the other day I was made aware of the real possibility that my poetry may only be given recognition after I die…the fate of many a poet. And you know, instead of being discouraged, or a feeling of dread I actually felt excited. What a great prospect!! To be remembered when you are no longer there. When your physical presence is not necessary, kind of like errmm…God! Instead, your memories and your words are recalled. And they would wonder how I wrote this or why I thought that. A mystery, for eternity. That is when I shall be alive. What a marvelous and an immeasurable way to live.

I reached the last page of my diary
Now I write on the night skies
My words whistle through the wind
And on every leaf of every tree
Through eternal echoes
You shall remember me

So let me die each day in dignity. Though the physical body resists and my material world constricts me.
Some ties are difficult to sever though you are aware that in this life there can be no forever. I once heard that you do not die in death.

You do not die in death…
You do not die in death…
You do not die in death

You do not die, but you can waste your life. When that day arrives, that day death itself shall die if you have stamped upon life your thumbprint.

So I will pass this life as though I have a flock of cheerleaders urging me on. Only I shall see them and hear them. I will not take my life so seriously. What an offering, what an opportunity to feel good about myself and about others. If I don’t grab this gift, the magic will be transferred to someone else. And mine shall be an empty shell, hollow but soundless.

If you write it, they will read*
If you live it, you shall never die


*  “If you write it, they will read” was some valuable advice I was given when I first started to write, nervously.

This essay was written for the Living and Dying series, see original post. Please contact Sreejit if you would like to get involved.

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an eternal cycle

a river meanders in search of her ocean
gravitating towards its yet unknown end
where sweetness is sacrificed for the saline
yet the water remains water
hoping for its reincarnation
a meeting in between clouds
awaiting separate fates
in their separate states
the water still remains water
perhaps beckoned by mountains
or permeating beneath the soil
an eternal cycle…
there is no new water

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today, for always

what day is it?
it’s today

it’s only today
everyday is today

even the mighty earth
rotates in honour of today

it is always today
whatever vows you fulfill
you can only do so today

however intensely you love
it can be felt…today

if you must forgive, even forget
yes, today!

celebrate, be mesmerised by today
observe today not by the hours
but by its events

it has not flowed from yesterday
today is embedded within you
carry it as a gift, not a burden
to discard in favour of tomorrow

what day is it?

how many todays will you have?


inspired by a question someone asked me “what day is it?”
to which I had cheekily replied “it’s today

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